Recent Ubuntu QGIS installation issues

Home Ubuntu QGIS does not have right side column with tabs
 but office Ubuntu QGIS has right side column with tabs
Recent Ubuntu QGIS installation issues

This issue started when I found out that when I tried the New Print Composer with my home Ubuntu QGIS, the right side column which houses the setting tabs did not appear unlike the same version at my office Ubuntu QGIS. Weird! Fadzlan and me talked it over the phone and he recommended I re-install QGIS on the assumption that mine got corrupted along the way. No problem. I uninstalled my Lisboa version and using the Synaptic Package Manager, removed the QGIS files. What was left was Ver. 1.9.0 image files which I could not and do not know how to remove. What happened after this got me baffled as I found it difficult to re-install QGIS. I had to go a few rounds before I finally succeeded: 
  • Round 1:
    I followed the steps recommended by our member, Gowin but QGIS did not install as it appeared there were issues with the Debian-nightly repository either because it was down or something else.
  • Round 2:
    I tried to install QGIS using the Ubuntu Software Centre but that failed as shown below.
  • Round 3:
    I tried to install QGIS using the Synaptic Package Manager, my regular way but even that too failed. It appeared that  the Debian-nightly repository did not work. 
  • Round 4:
    I eventually managed to install QGIS using the Release version as I noticed the Master version required the Debian-nightly repository.


1. Under the Release section of the QGIS Download (home)page, copy "deb     http://qgis.org/debian precise main" and open file system/ext/apt/sources.list/Open with Software Sources then paste script into the input box of Software Sources/Other Software/Add (Of course, you have to click "Add");
2. The second script "deb-src http://qgis.org/debian precise main" got automatically entered so don't bother, just close Software Sources.
3. Next, Next, under the Release section of the QGIS Download (home)page, copy the first line of the repository public key "gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 997D3880" then, under the Dash Home icon in the vertical menu bar, type "terminal' and click the Terminal icon to activate it then paste the script followed by Enter (key).
4. Repeat No. 4 but copy the second repository public key script "gpg --export --armor 997D3880 | sudo apt-key add -"
5. Go to the Update Manager and update for new patch files, if by chance they are.
6. Go to Synaptic Package Manager, type 'qgis' in the search box. You will find Ver 1.8.0 was downloaded. Select qgis and install by selecting Apply.
7. Under Dash home icon in the vertical menu bar, type "qgis" then pull the qgis icon to the vertical menu bar;
8. Click the QGIS icon and QGIS activates without any hiccup.
9. There are of course new plugins you may like to download later under Fetch Python Plugin
10. Finish.

At last, I got QGIS Lisboa working again. However, the New Print Composer issue still was there. At least, I know that the pervious steps I recommended earlier did not work but whether it is a temporary issue I do not know but this one does. Finally,  it was only at my office Ubuntu QGIS today did I find the solution to the New Print Composer which was merely to right-click the print composer menu bar (Rats, you never know until you try!) as shown on the last image below but had I known that earlier I would have never known recent Ubuntu QGIS installation issues :

Installation via Synaptic Package Manager
Yeah..got it at last!

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