How to find a lot?

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Bagaimana hendak cari lot?

Ramai pengguna GIS berkaitan dengan pembangunan tanah yang saya tahu terutama di pihak berkuasa perancang tempatan biasanya ingin tahu bagaimana nak cari sesuatu lot diantara pelbagai polygon yang ada. Di  Malaysia, plot tanah terbahagi kepada Negeri seterusnya Daerah dan akhirnya Mukim. Sesuatu nombor lot pada sesuatu daerah tidak unik kerana nombor tersebut kemungkinan besar, terdapat di lain-lain mukim. Carian dengan GIS tidak sesama seperti carian Google umpamanya carian lot "5777" boleh hasilkan "25777" dan "57774" dan ini mengejutkan tapi saya mula faham cara perisan GIS 'memikir'. Oleh itu, bagaimana nak cari lot menggunakan GIS? Kadangkala ianya senang, kalau tak, ianya memerlukan penggunaan SQL query atau saving a selection atau mengubah warna lapisan. Menjangka soalan ni ditanya pada latihan QGIS kelak, saya telah siapkan fail pdf step-by-step disini mengikut kaedah yang biasa saya gunakan mengikut print-screen kerana a picture tells a thousand words words dan tidak memerlukan penterjemahan bahasa.

How to find a lot?

Many GIS users that deal with land development that I know especially from local planning authorities usually start of wanting to know where a particular lot is in a jigsaw puzzle of polygons. In Malaysia, land parcel is divided administratively into States later into Districts and lastly into Mukims. A lot number in a District is not unique because the same lot number may also in other Mukims. Searching  using a GIS does not come up with similar results like a Google search too, for example, search for lot "5777" can even come up with results like "25777" and "57774" and that surprised me but I got to understand how the GIS software looks at things. So how does one find a lot using GIS? Sometimes, it is easy, other times, it requires the use of SQL query or saving a selection or changing the colour of a layer. In anticipation of  this query being asked in QGS training later on. I have added a step-by-step pdf file here in my usual print-screen approach because a picture tells a thousand words words and cuts across language barriers.


  1. en. Abbas,

    Are you going to be presenting at the http://applied-geoinformatics.org/ conference at UTM in JB in July? Unfortunately, I won't be around to go ...

  2. Good article Abbas.
    A little remark: one should for sure know the case he\she works on. I mean GIS specialist has to know that there are mukim and lot which build land use system in Malaysia. For example, I wasn't aware of mukim.
    My point is it would be nice if you define in the article or in the presentation what mukim and lot are. =)

    1. Well, when I created that slideshow, it was intended for the particpants to my QGIS training course whom are locals and are familiar with the term 'Mukim'. Things such as what you mentioned I tend to explain them verbally. But since I wanted to share the slideshow to an internation audience, I see your point and will probably update it later since currently am out of town giving QGIS lessons. Any way, a Mukim is a sub-area of a District in all states except Kelantan where it's Jajahan (or Constituency) instead of Daerah (or District) and where it's Daerah instead of Mukim as a sub-area of Jajahan. In East Malaysia, Districts are known instead as Divisions. This inconsistency is the result of legacy issues.