* I-PLAN takes shape

Centralized server system get assembled in server rack
Workstation will be installed with QGIS for GIS purpose
I-PLAN takes shape

After much teething problem, the integrated National Landuse Information System or I-PLAN developed by the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning, Peninsular Malaysia eventually took off on 2/10/2013. It is meant to integrate vertical and horizontally landuse information from all relevant public agencies involved in the preparation, management and maintenance of landuse information which comprises of 3 types of layers: existing landuse, committed landuse and zoning plan. It will cover a period of 27 months and is scheduled to compete by 31/12/2015. The centralized system will be built totally using Open Source Software; the principal software being the OpenGeo Suite and PostreSQL at the server running on a Ubuntu Server platform with Quantum GIS at the client or workstation running on a dual-boot Ubuntu/Windows platform. All the hardware and software have already been delivered and will be configured next year to allow the consultant to concentrate on the preparation of the Logical Data Model, Information Architecture and Metadata.