Synaptic Package Manager saves the day

Synaptic Package Manager saves the day

A few days ago, Ubuntu's Update Manager showed there were a number of QGIS files to be downloaded but I could not do it because they came from an unauthenticated source. Rats! So I tried to update Ubuntu's patch files via the terminal but there was still no changes insofar as QGIS patch files were concerned. Lastly, I decided to go back to my previous lover, the Synaptic Package Manager which I left behind some time ago when the sexy Update Manager came along into the scene. She responded as reliable as always cutting away the red tapes, downloading and installing all those patch files the Update Manager would not. My dearest, Synapatic Package Manager...I have been a bad boy, where in the world would I be without you?


QCAD-QGIS partnership



Perkongsian QCA-QGIS

Hari ni minggu, maka boleh lah godek-godek sikit QGIS. Kini, QCAD diekploitasi untuk convert fail .dwg kepada fail .dxf lalu digunakan QGIS untuk convert fail .dxf kepada fail .shp. Kemudian fitur polyline diconvert kepada polygon. Tak sampai 5 minit semuanya siap! Kemudian, saya berjaya memindah dan mengabungkan polygon tersebut dengan lapisan gunatanah dan sedia maklum pihak berkuasa perancang tempatan juga ingin melakukannya cuma disini semuanya saya tercapai tanpa membeli persirian CAD dan GIS.

QCA-QGIS partnership

Today is Sunday so I have time to fool around with QGIS. Here QCAD was exploited to convert a .dwg file into a .dxf file then QGIS was used to convert that .dxf file into a .shp file. Later, polyline features were converted into a polygon. All this took less than 5 mins.! Eventually, I managed to migrate that polygon, merge and successfully updated the landuse layer which I know is what local planning authorities want to do except that here I do it without having to pay for a proprietary CAD and GIS software.


OpenGeo and QGIS become pals

OpenGeo dan QGIS jadi rakan

Menyelari internet, saya terjumpa berita baik walaupun lewat sidikit mengenai integrasi antara QGIS dan OepnGeo di sini.

OpenGeo and QGIS become pals

Surfing the internet, I found some good belated news concerning the integration between QGIS and OepnGeo here.