MAMPU replies

Maklumbalas MAMPU

MAMPU, dibawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri telah memberi maklumbalas mengenai penggunaan QGIS oleh jabatan kami pada 17.8.2012 dan boleh dibaca dari pdf ini

 Ha-ha-ha! I tahu apa yang saya buat selama ni adalah betul. Kalau betul, betul lah!

MAMPU replies

MAMPU, the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit  under the Prime Minister Department, responsible for ‘modernizing and reformizing’ the public sector in the areas of administrative reforms replied on 17.8.2012 to my departmental query on the use of Quantum GIS. MAMPU stated our decision to use QGIS and reduce reliance on proprietary software is in line with MAMPU's Public Sector Open Source Software Program. MAMPU stated this will improve public service delivery to the citizen and can achieve the following objectives :

  • reduces ownership cost and assist in the reducing the cost of acquisition;
  • free from vendor lock-in situations;
  • increases software and data security;
  • free the agency when developing and implementing a system;
  • increase system interoperability at the agency and between agencies.

MAMPU stated the use of QGIS also reduces the cost of implementing ICT and increases technical competency of government officers. This leads to the growth of the user community and contributes towards a knowledge society. MAMPU confirms that QGIS is a mature, stable, free from vendor lock-in and cannot be commercialized by any third party because it was licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0. MAMPU acknowledges the QGIS global community has the support of the non-profit organisation known as 'OSGeo' or Open SoucreGeospatial Foundation but notes the QGIS community in Malaysia has still not matured to give technical support and software development. Thus, MAMPU recommends agencies in Malaysia desirious of using QGIS be self reliant by improving their know-how and ability when implementing GIS as this in in line with the Malaysian Open Source Public Sector Master Plan Phase III -  Self Reliance.

Ha-ha-ha! I knew all the while, I was on the right track all the time. When I'm right, I'm right!

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