Finding information from data

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Finding information from data

Today, I just want to release some frustration: When I tell and ask people "We have lots of data on landuse but what sort of information are you looking for?" Those with big ego and this inclusive those from the top management will reply "Everything" which obviously means they  actually do not know what they want and are most probably too proud to admit it but how do I tell them that politely? I ask them "Please elaborate?" and they will tell this and that which I have to reply "That is data, not information. I am asking what type of information not what type of data" This answer baffles them because all the while they thought it was information. What continues sometimes end up in a light argument either because they are ignorant of GIS or because they are too stuck up and  don't want to admit it. This becomes a problem when that person is more superior. The other thing is that many people want certain information but do not know from what type of data layer is required to generate that particular information and neither does the GIS officer because the subject of that information is not his domain. Have you come across this incident? In GIS, specific type of data are often kept in separate layers and it is easy to query if it merely involves that type of data. However, sometimes there are instances when this is not so so I gave it a try to merged two different layers then made a query using the Query Builder. Yes, I got the answer I wanted but I must admit if one is not familiar in the use of SQL operators (which has nothing to do with QGIS but a tool that is used among all GIS softwares) it is going to be hard.

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