From PDUK to NDCDB, and away we go.

My department relies on the Survey department's (JUPEM) cadaster map in the preparation of our value-added landuse maps where we traditionally use their Solder Cassini projected cadaster maps. Since 2010, JUPEM embarked on the preparation of geodetic NDCDB cadaster maps which we welcome it because it integrates all state cadaster maps under one reference point i.e. the centre of the earth just like their topography map with its reference point at Kertau,Pahang for Peninsular Malaysia. Using my trusty QGIS, now ver 2.6, I activated Google Hybrid then all 11 state cadaster maps and was most happy to see they fit well like a jigsaw puzzle as seen in the upper image. Next, I zoom down to the point where the cadaster maps of Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Johor meet and as shown in the lower pix, again am very pleased that JUPEM has done an excellent job. There is an issue which we found that when the PDUK 2011 was transformed to GDM2000 projection using JUPEM's parameters, it still was not a mirror reflection of NDCDB cadaster map, even found that were more lots in the PDUK 2011 than the NDCDB 2013. We have still trying to resolve this or at least compromise but one thing is for sure, the way forward is the use of the NDCDB cadaster because every new annual cadaster map produced by JUPEM is based on the geodetic map projection which to me is a sound and practical move.


  1. It is a jackpot of data you have. what does PDUK and NDCDB stands for?

    1. (Ref: https://www.jupem.gov.my/index.php?action=kadaster-lot-kadaster-berdigit) PDUK stands for pangkalan data ukur kadaster or Cadaster Survey DataBase whereas (ref:https://www.jupem.gov.my/wp-includes/files/pekeliling/SP_Bil1_2010.pdf) NCDB I believe stands for national cadaster database.

  2. Is pduk and PA is the same?