Raster Terrain Analysis

You have to activate this plugin if you want to use it
GIStutor gives tutorial
Recently, I got a request on how to do a slope gradient analysis and I must admit I am rusty on this one because I left it long time ago way back in 2010. But I looked up the plugins, found and activated the Raster Terrain Analysis plugin because it jogged my mind and I had previously used it and it turned out to be a very simple yet powerful tool. Doing a Google search on that specific plugin, I found a tutorial at GIStutor which looks not bad. Most people when they get stuck in getting help using QGIS often forget that there can be tons of help on the Internet but forget to do a simple but specifically typed out Google search to help them out especially when they are all alone with no one to guide them through. Well friends, that is how I got through on my own and I found out the more popular the subject on QGIS, the more you will find hel on the Internet.

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