* Ubuntu 13.10 and QGIS Dufour 2.0.1

Ubuntu 13.04 and QGIS Dufour plugins
Ubuntu 13.04 and QGIS Dufour plugins
Ubuntu 13.10 and QGIS Dufour 2.0.1

Yesterday, I anxiously and successfully upgraded my Ubuntu from Ubuntu 13.04 to Ubuntu 13.10 live via the Internet. I was expecting some hiccups if the Internet line was not clean where in such cases, it is wiser to download the ISO file then burn an installation CD/DVD. It did not work perfectly then when I tried to upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04 via the Internet and my Ubuntu 13.04 was installed using an installation DVD but not this time. Today, I did some update, yes, there were some but very little and everything went well so I gave QGIS Dufour a start followed by activating a vector landuse layer and adding the planning colours using my custom template. It did so beautifully meaning Ubuntu 13.10 and QGIS Dufour are both compatible....to me at least.  Having said that, at this point of time, there are only 16 default plugins but I would expect the number to increase as time goes by. So if there are some plugins not available which you are dependent upon such as Google Maps then you have to be a little patient for the developers to catch up and make them compatible and from experience, they usually do Best of luck for you QGIS-Ubuntuians!


  1. encik sy pkai version 2.0.1...knp sy nk install open layer plugin xbleh...tlg...

    1. Tanggungjawab mengemaskini plugin supaya kompatibil dengan sistem operasi Ubuntu terkini adalah penyumbang masing masing bukan developer QGIS