Topography plans merge well in inter-state exercise

Perlis - Kedah border (Colour difference from above image coz done twice)
Negeri Sembilan-Pahang border
Selangor- Pahang border
Kelantan - Terengganu border
Topography plans merge well in inter-state exercise

My second inter-state merging exercise involves JUPEM's topographic vector maps. They too merge seamlessly so I do not know what the fuss is all about that they do not merge along the state borders. Seriously folks. Next time, some one tells you something in GIS map mis-integration, until you see it with your own eyes, keep an open mind. Always remember, the proof is in the pudding. I've learnt my lesson well these few days.


  1. sorry,I'm trying to find topographic map of bintulu. Could you show me how can I find it?

    1. Contact officers from Sarawak Survey Dept (http://www.landsurvey.sarawak.gov.my)

  2. saya cari gambar bergerak satelit