* Training: BCSS gets trained in QGIS

Latihan:  BCSS mendapat latihan QGIS

Barukini, the Biodiversity Conservation Society Sarawak (BCSS) telah memohon bantuan latihan QGIS maka ini merupakan sumbangan saya pada agensi non-profit organisation. Terdapat minat untuk mentransformasi data GPS data ke dalam bentuk spatial kerana ramai peserta ingin memplot pergerakkan binatang-binatang di Sarawak. Wow, kali ni penuh.

Training:  BCSS gets trained in QGIS

The Biodiversity Conservation Society Sarawak (BCSS) recently asked for help in getting training in QGIS so this became my contribution to a non-profit organisation. There was much interest in the transformation of GPS data into a spatial form as participants were keen in plotting out the migrationary pattern of animals in Sarawak. Wow, it was full house.

Hymeir Kamaruddin
Good intro to GIS for a beginner. Quantum GIS does the job well. Although I was looking at using GIS in the natural environemnt, learning using built environment is a good start. Good course and highly recommended.

Nurzhafarina Othman
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Lucy Peter
I think QGIS is user-friendly and a lot easier to understand (especially the tools usage) The availabiltity of free data (online) is another advantage of using this software. The only issues that I can see is sometimes there are plugins files which maybe corrupted which may cause inconvenience while working on a project. Overall this software is good!

Wong Ee Phin
I find QGIS very user-friendly. I hope the beginner training will help me to get started with QGIS. A good community and a growing network of users will help provide support to beginners. I hope to learn more.

Dylan Jefri Ong
Program yang bagus banyak perkara-perkara yang saya dapat pelajari. Mudah untuk difaham berbanding dengan ArcGIS . Saya suka...

Jii Ning
A very detail workshop but maybe it would be preferable if a clearer instruction given with a schedule of modules to go through prior to the workshop. Hopefully we can spend more time on the analysis part.

Jyunichi Washizaki
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Poh Tun Min
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Ashiegh Kivilaasko Seow
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Kae Kawanishi
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Wong Pui May
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John Mathal
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Nicholas Ong
First time getting to know about GIS and I find this is a very very useful tool. But would it be problematic when we use the Georeferencer in homogenous aerial photos? But all in all , this 2 days has been very good exposure!

Taha Wahab
This is my first time to use QGIS software in mapping. For the first day, quite difficult to get familiar with the software and in the second day, I find that the software is quite user-friendly as long as we know the function. My recommendation is if we can get the instruction manual to explain to the class the imortant points especially how to input the map tot he software etc. It is a good software and is free and hope I can use the software in my work.

Sim Lee Kheng
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Lim Wee Siong
As an introduction to GIS application, QGIS is good to get our handss on trying things out. Hope we will use more envronment management examples.

Jongkar Grinang
I never used any GIS software before. But I think QGIS does provide user-friendly features and is free of course. As this software is a free one, sharing inforamtion among the users is very helpful. The plugins modules would be very useful especially for the beginners

Felecity Anne Louise Oram
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Eddie Ahmad
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Su Li Khing
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(Participants forgot to mention name)
I think it's really good. Pretty user-friendly and free though it would help if the thing runs with less glitches.

Disyorkan selitkan contoh-contoh yang diberi dengan keperluan penonton. Contoh data mungkin boleh dipinjam daripada peserta atau daripada WCS sendiri sebagai penganjur.


  1. amat suka 1st photo tu...very happening... :)

    1. Walaupun mana-mana Urusetia akan meminta photo-taking secara formal, biasanya saya akan paksakan versi gila-gila dan akhirnya versi kedua ni yang lebih popular. Kadangkala amat sukar nak ubah mindset orang.

    2. itu yg terbaik... saya pun tak suka terlalu formal...