* How best to link QGIS to an internet server?

How best to link QGIS to an internet server?

Wrote something just now but am rethinking what was written especially to make it more layman understandable. Mmm... not as easy as I thought


  1. Salam,

    Not very clear on what you are trying to achieve here. But let me write down the ways I know how to do this.

    QGIS can talk to a PGSQL server + PostGIS extension. Here QGIS plays a role as the GIS editor / viewer. QGIS can also connect to a WMS/WFS/WCS server for viewing. In addition, WFS-T allows transactions: GIS data editing.

    Look at Geoserver if you want to make available WMS/WFS interface. Mapserver is an alternative tool.

    From WMS/WFS protocol, you could render the features in browsers using tools like OpenLayers. FYI, Geoserver also uses OpenLayers for it's own web renderer.

    In summary:
    1) QGIS <-> PGSQL + PostGIS
    2) QGIS <- WMS / WFS(Geoserver) <- PGSQL + PostGIS
    3) QGIS <-> WFS-T(Geoserver) <-> PGSQL + PostGIS
    4) PGSQL + PostGIS -> (WMS/WFS/WFS-T)Geoserver -> OpenLayers -> Web Browsers

    Pair any of 1,2,3 with 4 to build connection from QGIS to the web. The same Geoserver can be used in both directions ( to QGIS or to web browser )

    Hassan S

    1. Wslm

      Yes, you got what I wanted to say but I always think deep how to make it best understood by a layman. For example, I like the way you make QGIS human and make it able to 'talk' to a server but when you come up with WMS,WFS-T and WMS/WFS protocol terms the layman is lost (though I have a good grasp of what you mean). This is the challenge.

  2. QGIS ni macam MS Word (dari segi fungsi boleh papar dan edit fail, cuma QGIS tentulah fail GIS). selain daripada fail yang berada dalam komputer kita, QGIS juga boleh papar dan edit fail atau data dari komputer lain (contohnya dari internet, server ibu pejabat dan lain-lain).

    Untuk membolehkan data/fail tersebut dicapai/dibuka oleh QGIS, adalah lebih mudah jika data/fail tersebut dimasukkan ke dalam pangkalan data terlebih dahulu. Kemudian, QGIS boleh mencapai data/fail tersebut:
    1) secara terus ke pangkalan data tersebut(contohnya PostgreSQL)
    2) melalui aplikasi perantara (contohnya WMS,WFS,WCS dll)

    pemilihan kaedah di atas adalah mengikut keadaan dan keperluan.