How to get help on QGIS fast when there's no one around to help?

Type key words to query
My query already asked and properly phased by someone
Checking info on "Affline Transformation"

I believe like so many of us, this is a common problem among first time QGIS users, that is, getting help on QGIS yet having no one reliable around who can help give advise and direction. Well, then do what I did when I first started to get to know QGIS... help is in actually in front of you if you are sitting in front of an internet computer. (Nowadays, this situation also covers smartphone users). I found that Google's search engine is the most reliable "friend" to guide me in this quest for knowledge. I also I found out from my many training class on QGIS that many people do not actually know how to use an internet search engine intelligently. The trick is actually to enter key words related to one's query but even if you don't even know what that is, type in the Google search engine box a proper question like "What is so and so?" Even the query type: What, When, Where, Who or How helps to further filter the query specifically and that helps to get better results. You can see in the first image, even I was too lazy to type a proper question but because it had key words, that helped a lot. In the second image, someone actually made my life easy and even asked my query as a proper question. Because 2 options were given, I went on further to click on other sites to get more information. Now, it's time for me to read on and see if I can get what I wanted. Wish me luck.


  1. Pak Abbas,

    I compiled some commercially-available reference books for selected open source geospatial software. Thought you might be interested: