MMQGIS's Merge Layer

ZONING layer totals 185,310 features
GTNSMS layer totals 172,613 features
Logically, Merge layer total's 357,923 features when no common denominator exists between the two
Note Semasa data nulls until one scrolls all the way down
Note ZONING data nulls until one scrolls allt he way up

MMQGIS's Merge Layer

Today, I tested MMQGIS's Merge Layer in the DuFour version and I am happy to say that it works well. This is a good tool when there is a need to SQL data contained in separate layers. Of course, in the first place the two separate layers should have common denominators column e.g. lot number or else the software will assume each row is unique so instead of really merging the two layers side by side, it puts the tow layers one on top of the other. This means there is a need to clean the data thoroughly first before merging of two layers is desired. The point of the matter is that MMQGIS works extremely well with no hiccups eventhough the number of features between the two layers are different.


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    1. Thank you very much. Knowledge should be shared when it is for the good of many