QGIS on a dual-boot i5 64-bit desktop computer

QGIS 1.8.0-2 Windows
QGIS on a dual-boot i5 64-bit desktop computer

Last weekend, I got myself an i5 64 bit desktop computer. This Brand-X unit (just the computer and in case you are wondering, the rest of my hardware are my current cheapest Logitech keyboard, Logitech mouse and Logitech webcam but I use a 19" Samsung LCD monitor) was assembled by the IT vendor based on parts of my choice. Even grown-ups need a toy and this is the version of my adult toy :-D. I dual-booted it to run on Windows 8-Ubuntu 12.10 because some family members (what-to-do?) depend on certain Windows application. At first, there was this issue where unlike previous Windows-Ubuntu setup I've done, the GRUB loader did not activate. Rats! Windows 8 over-rides and activates instead. Thankfully, my 1st year IT diploma son helped resolved the problem and I've kept his step-by-step methodology here for my personal reference and to whom it may concern. In Ubuntu-land, QGIS 1.7.5 was downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Centre, installed and works perfectly. I suspect a 64-bit version must have been downloaded compatible to my computer. There were questions on the Internet whether Windows QGIS can be installed on a computer such as mine. The answer is YES based on the QGIS-OSGEO4W 1.8.0-2-setup.exe file I downloaded today and output shown as above.


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