When to downgrade "fTools"?

2 fTools features missing
Note the current Ver. 0.62
Downgrade and select YES please
Now note the 6 features
Pop-message will appear until fTools is uninstalled
Bilakah untuk downgrade "fTools"?

Apabila fTools dimantapkan ke Ver. 0.62 saudara mungkin sedar atau tidak bahawa 2 ciri terdahulu kini telah hilang. Mereka adalah "export to new projection" dan "join attributes". Jika mereka tidak penting bagi anda, lupakan tetapi kalau sebaliknya, maka anda perlu downgradenya ke Ver. 0.61. Bagaimana pun, jika QGIS diaktifkan semula, satu pop-up message akan mengumumkan bahawa terdapatnya fTools usang dan ianya akan tetap begitu. Sekiranya anda tak tahan melihatnya, Ver. 0.61 perlu di uninstall dan apabila QGIS diaktifkan semula, Versi terkini fTools akan wujud tetapi masalahnya 2 ciri-ciri fTools tadi dah hilang pulak. Mengapa developer fTools sanggup mengabaikan 2 ciri-ciri yang baik, entahlah.

When to downgrade "fTools"?

When fTools upgraded to Ver. 0.62 you may or may have not noticed that 2 earlier features are now missing. They are "export to new projection" and "join attributes". If they are not important to you then it does not matter but if it does, then the only way you are going to get them back is to downgrade that version to Ver. 0.61. However, when you activate QGIS, an annoying pop-up message tells you have an obsolete fTools and it will stay that way. Now if you cannot stand that then uninstall Ver. 0.61 and when you activate QGIS, you will get the latest version but that will take you back to the drawing board if you still require those 2 fTools features. Now having taken the trouble to create two good features, why fTools developers made things difficult, I do not know.


  1. these features were moved into core qgus functionality in qgis 1.8 thats why they are missing. Export to new projection is now part of Save As menu when youbright click on the layer. Join attribute is available via Table Joins ib Properties menu. Its confusng for existing users but will make things simpler for new users.

    1. Oh, I see. Many thanks for the tip. Question is where does an existing user find such information whenever plugin updates are made?