Que Sera Sera...

For the record, I retired in March 2015 and am taking it easy. As days go by, it appears my services are not required so I concentrate on my family and health as health is wealth. Along the way, while spring cleaning my Google Drive, I accidentally deleted many images which were linked to my blogspots. I've been too lazy to update them, furthermore some were originals and I do not have backups. Just be thankful the rest is there. Best of luck.


  1. Happy retirement, Pak Abbas! I also am just about completely retired now!

  2. Welcome. As we grow older, health is wealth. Take care

  3. Asmlkm Tuan..... Ada buat kursus utk beginners and advance GIS? pls contact me mohdyusof@pppnp.gov.my for details

    1. Assalamualaikum Tuan Abbas ...... saya perlukan buat kursus untuk staff saya beginners dan advance bolehkah tuan datang ke Ipoh ...... mohon jasa baik tuan untuk membantu

  4. Salam alikum,
    but still you can help us to learn things like QGIS, GRASS GIS, i have a question from you how can we calculate ET using GRASS GIS? i read all and every thing about it but still not able to do it.


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